Data Shop


Data Shop is a shop-like installation, which speculates with the idea having a shop that sells and at the same time stores personal data. The artists have put on the pen drives their personal data extracted from Facebook, Google Takeout, Visa, and Mastercard. The pen drives were carefully canned and labeled accordingly as the real products.

The aim is to bring up the topic of data market that is exponentially growing. Our data is collected, used, sold, stolen and traded constantly. Data Shop confronts the audience with the questions on one hand about the value of personal data, and on another, the value of an artwork and the relation between them.

The cans are definitely a hint to Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup, whose work was an attempt converting an artwork to a product.

Production was supported by Cultural Endowment of Estonia.


Group show PERRO curated by Javier Galán, Hobusepea Gallery, Tallinn. Estonia (17th Mar – 3rd Apr’17)

Supermarket Art Fair represented by Espai Sant Marc, Stockholm. Sweden (23th – 26th Mar’17)