DEMOCRACY talks about the abuse of power and different understandings of democracy.

It seems that we are living in the democratic Europe, but is it so for everyone? We cannot assume democracy comes by default, we have to stand for and care about it. Especially in the moment, when the right wing power is gaining radicalisation in the world and super rich think that money can bend and over right laws.

The installation consists from 20 golden Maneki-Neko cats batons in their hands and a megaphone. The cats symbolise capital and baton violence.

Talking about the audience experience apart of a contemplation, if into the megaphone is said ”democracy”, the cats are activated and start to wing the batons. The installation works in 3 languages: English, Catalan and Spanish (it is possible to add more languages, if needed).

Produced with the support of the Abelló Museum in Mollet del Valles, Barcelona.

Solo show Camaleó, Museu Abelló, Mollet del Vallès, Spain (14th Dec’17 – 25th Mar’18)