One Flag Every Day


One Flag Every Day consists of a software that collects data from Google News and, by using an analysis tool based on the artificial intelligence Watson by IBM, determines which countries are most referred to in mass media every. Based on this information, the software generates a new flag, which is the combination of the elements of the flags whose countries are more present in the news of the day. The resulting composition is automatically posted on the Twitter account @oneflageveryday. The hybrid flag also materializes in the exhibition space, joining every day other paper flags that progressively occupy the room (text by Pau Waelder).

The installation aims to transmit a composition of dominancy in the world, which is stars and stripes in the end.  The artwork mirrors the main happening: Olympic games, election of USA president, war in Syria, Brexit, etc.

Materials: Custom-made software, wooden sticks, 3D printed parts, print on paper (variable measures).


Solo show Camaleó, Museu Abelló, Mollet del Vallès, Spain (14th Dec’17 – 25th Mar’18)

Solo show Camaleón, Rambleta art centre, Valencia, Spain (10th November 2016 – 28th January 2017). Supported by Rambleta and Estonian Ministry of Culture

The artwork received the Rambleta art production and research grant 2016

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oneflageveryday2_lowresphoto by Pablo Ortuño



In this project had collaborate the production team from Varvara & Mar studio: Jesús Rodríguez Santos and the interns from ARGO program: Kico Robles Garrido and Bruno Barrán.