Varvara Guljajeva & Mar Canet have been working together as an artist duo since 2009. They have exhibited their art pieces in a number of international shows and festivals. Recently the duo has been commission by Google and Barbican Centre for creating a new art piece for Digital Revolution exhibition.

In addition to that, they have been on non-stop residency tour for three years. The artist duo locates itself in the field of art and technology and is concerned about the new forms of art, innovation, and also the application of knitting in the field of digital fabrication. They are the authors of open source knitting machine Knitic and Circular Knitic. Their aim is the integration of textile fabrication into the makers’ culture. Thus, they use and challenge technology in order to explore novel concepts in art and design. Hence, research is an integral part of their creative practice.
In addition to kinetic and interactive installations, the artists have also experience with working in public space and with urban media.

Varvara is originally from Estonia, gained her bachelor degree in IT from Estonian IT College, master degree in digital media from ISNM in Germany and currently is a PhD candidate at the Estonian Art Academy in the department of Art and Design.
Mar (born in Barcelona) has two degrees: in art and design from ESDI in Barcelona and in computer game development from University Central Lancashire in UK. Also he is a co-founder of Derivart and Lummo.

Download our portfolio (last update 23rd Feb’15).

2014 new work commissioned by Ayuntamiento Zaragoza
2014 new work commission by Mobile World Capital
2014 Devart commission by Google
2013 SUBNET AIR residency in Salzburg, Austria (Sept)
2013 new work commission by Connecting Cities Network
2013 FLOSS residency at Constant Variable, Brussels, Belgium (March)
2012/13 residency at Seoul Art Space Geumcheon, Seoul, Korea (Dec-Feb)
2012 residency at Marginalia+Lab, Belo Horizonte, Brazil (Sep-Nov)
2012 award of Baltic Goes Digital contest, Gdansk, Poland (July)
2012 residency at Verbeke Foundation, Belgium (July-Aug)
2012 M4m Artist in Residency at MU Galleryn, Eindhoven, NL (Jan-April)
2011 Artist in Residency at Crida, Palma de Mallorca, Spain (Nov-Dec)
2011 EMARE Artist in Residency at FACT Liverpool, UK (July-Nov)
2011 Collaborative Research Residency at FFKD in Copenhagen (April)
2010 Jury Prize for media art installation at 23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter (, Germany)
2009 Asia-Europe Foundation commission

2014/15 Circular Knitic at DOERS exhibition curated by David Cuartielles in Etopia, Zaragoza, Spain (Dec’14 – July’15).
2014/15 Wishing Wall (DevArt commission) at Digital Revolution exhibition in Tekniska Museet, Stockholm (Oct 14 – Aug 15)
2014 The Highest Human Tower (Mobile World Capital commission) at Music+Art exhibition in Mobile World Centre Barcelona (21.10-13.12)
2014 Wireless Poetry and Revealing Digital Landscape at Systema exhibition in Zhulong gallery, Dallas (25.10-29.11)
2014 The Rhythm of City at Digital City exhibition in Donostia Kultura, Spain(17.10-15.12)
2014 Shopping in 1 Minute at Suur-Lasnamae Urban Art Event, Tallinn (24th Sept – 9th Nov)
2014 Solo show (SPAMpoetry and other knitted works) at Maribor City Gallery, Slovenia (29th Aug – 28th Sept)
2014 Wishing Wall, a commissioned piece by Google and Barbican Centre, at Digital Revolution exhibition at Barbican Centre, London, UK (3rd July – 14th Sept)
2014  NeuroKnitting part of Corner exhibition in the ArtDealProject gallery (Barcelona, Spain, 19th June – 17th August)
2014 The Rhythm of City at Festival CTI in Barcelona (14 – 29th June 2014)
2014 Wireless Poetry and Revealing Digital Landscape at group show The Hypnotist Collector in Nauart gallery, Barcelona (6-27th June 2014)
2014  The Rhythm of City at Hybrid Art in the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design (29 May to 24 August)
2014 Traveling Fish solo exhibition, Design and Architecture Gallery in Tallinn, Estonia (13th – 22nd March)
2014 NeuroKnitting at Klanghypothesen subnet AIR exhibition in the Stadtgalerie Lehen Salzburg (6th-22nd March)
2013 Transreal Topologies curated by Julian Stadon  (Adelaine, Australia)
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at iMal in Brussels in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at Federal Square Melbourne, Australia  in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at Riga2014 in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at MediaLab Prado Madrid  in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at CHB in Berlin in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at Bauhaus Fest in Dessau  in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at Ars Electronica museum  in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at FACT Liverpool in frames of Connecting Cities
2013 Binoculars to.. Binoculars from… at Media Facade Festival Helsinki (part of Connecting Cities)
2013 Technical Textiles (11-13.04.13 Berlin, Germany)
2013  The celebrations of Sao Paulo city  (24-27.01.13 FIESP, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2012 Black Art Weekend (13-16.12.12 ArtDealProject, Barcelona, Spain)
2012 The Rhythm of Sao Paulo (09-12.12.12 SP_Urban Digital Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil)
2012 The Rhythm of City (29.11-10.12 El Centro San Martin, Buenas Aires, Argentina)
2012 Kombi + Knitic (28.11-02.12 Marginalia+Lab, Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
2012/13 DIY (Sept-April DASA, Dortmund, Germany)
2012 Baltic Goes Digital (14.09-04.11 Gdansk City Gallery, Poland)
2012 Malmö Festivalen (17-24.08 Malmö, Sweden)
2012 Incubarte Festival (21-23.06 Valencia, Spain)
2012 SPAMpoetry  at STPLN (11.-18.05 solo show, Malmö, Sweden)
2012 Naturalezas: hiper-vidas y micro-relatos. (13.03-13.04 MOB, Barcelona, Spain)
2012 JUSTMAD3 Art Fair (16-19.02.12 Madrid, Spain)
2012 Abstraction Contraption (15.01-16.03.12 The Edge, State Library of Queensland, AU)
2011/12 DIY (Aug 2011 – Aug 2012 Frankfurt and Berlin Communication Museums)
2011 Es Baluard Contemporary Art Museum of Palma (09.12.11, Palma, Spain)
2011 Elektronika Festival (12-27.11.11 Belo Horizonte, Brazil)
2011 LAB30 (27.-29.10.11 Augsburg, Germany)
2011 VAD Festival (06-15.10.11 Girona, Spain)
2011 AND Festival (23.09-02.10.11 Liverpool, UK)
2011 Execution #X (17-21.06.11 solo exhibition at IAMAS OS, Ogaki, Japan)
2011 RepairStation (20.05.11 a-day action, FFKD, Copenhagen, Denmark)
2011 Enter5 (14.-23.04.11 CIANT, Prague Czech Republic)
2011 LiveHerring11 (08.04-08.06.11 Saarijärvi, Finland)
2010 Kiblix Festival (18.-28.11.10 Kibla Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia)
2010 UAMO Festival (21.-24.10.10 München, Germany)
2010 White Night (02.10.10 Skopje, Macedonia)
2010 “Playful Interfaces”, Ars Electronica09 Campus exhibition (02.-11.09.10, Linz)
2010 “Final Show of Labor for Electronic Music and New Media Linz”, sound Art performance at STWST Media Linz (30.06.2010, Linz, Austria)
2010 “El Festival Internacional de la Imagen”, Universidad de Caldas (13.-17.04.10, Colombia)
2010 “Love The Robot Show”, online performance, DOCK18, Zürich
2010 23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter (20.-30.01.2010, Germany)
2009 “Royal Interface Cultures Masquerade Ball”, Ars Electronica09 Campus exhibition (03.-08.09.09, Linz, Austria)
2009 “Fantasmarama”, group exhibition (02.-07.09.09, Linz, Austria)
2009 International Media Art Festival Cellsbutton#3 (01.-08.08.09, Yogiyakarta, Indonesia)
2009 “Death Bricks”, solo exhibition in collaboration with Derivart, Rocaumbert art centre (Granolles, Spain, 14.05 – 26.06.09)

2015 “Soft Digital Fabrication”  at WeMake, Milan
2015 “From code to magic”, open lecture at SUPSI, Lugano, Switzerland
2014 “From code to magic”,  Etopia, Zaragoza, Spain
2014 “From code to magic”, Topconf, Tallinn, Estonia
2014 keynote at MIRA festival in Barcelona, Spain
2014 “City as data body”, Donostia Kultura, Spain
2014 artist talk, Ljudmila, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 “Knitic – Soft Digital Fabrication”, Cipke, Ljubljana, Slovenia
2014 artist talk at Bloomberg Art+Tech event, London, UK
2013 “Unexpected Ways How IT meets Art” at Estonian IT College
2013 “Knitic – Open Source Knitting Machine” at Toulouse Hacker Space Factory Conference (Toulouse, Fance)
2013 “Knitic – Open Source Knitting Machine” at Technical Textiles (Berlin, Germany)
2013 “Knitic – Open Source Knitting Machine” at Open Source Open Course at the Ecole de Recherche Graphique (Brussels, Belgium)
2012 “Development of Personal Manufacturing. Case Study: Knitic”, Mutamorphosis, CIANT, Prague, CZ
2012 “Development of Digital Fabrication. Case Study: knitting printer”, Prospectives’12, University of Nevada, Reno, US
2012 “Development of Digital Fabrication. Case Study: knitting printer”, Open Knowledge Festival, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Artist talk, STPLN, Malmö, Sweden
2012 Artist talk + lecture, IDC, Howest University, Kortrijk, Belgium
2011 Paper presentation, ISEA2011, Istanbul, Turkey
2011 Artist talk, Hiroshima University, Japan
2011 Artist talk, IAMAS, Ogaki, Japan
2011 Artist talk, FFKD, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 “The Rhythm of City”, Enter5 Symposium, Prague, CZ
2010 “The Rhythm of City”, Amber Conference, Istanbul Turkey

2013 Knitic and NeuroKnitting projects discussed in Verena Kuni’s book Häkeln + Stricken für Geeks published by O’Reilly
2013 interview in the book edited by Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism edited by Betsy Greer
2013 article Knitic – Soft Digital Fabrication in the book Social Fabric edited by Michelle Baggermann
2013 poster Knitic – The Revolution of Soft Digital Fabrication at Digital Humanities Conference 2013
2012 “Development of Personal Manufacturing. Case Study: Knitic”, MutamorphosisCIANT, Prague, CZ
2012 “The Conceptualisation of Urban Media: FACT’s ‘Disco Window’”, essay together with Mike Stubbs and Mar Canet Sola in Urban Media Cultures edited by Susa Pop, Ursula Stalder, Mirjam Struppek , Gernot Tscherteu. Avedition Gmbh,Csi
2011 “The Rhythm of City. Geo-located Social Data as an Artistic Medium”, ISEA2011
2010 “The Rhythm of City”, Amber Conference, Istanbul Turkey
2010 R. Modrak, B. Anthes “Reframing Photography. Theory and Practice”, Routledge, Nov 2010 (contribution with “Augmented Photography” project)

07.02.15 Circular Knitic workshop at WeMake, Milan
14-18.07.14 Young Creators workshop facilitated by Google and Barbican (Barbican, London)
26–27.03.14 Urban Bees 2.0 (Abellas Urbanas 2.0) workshop together with Mar Canet and OpenSystems University of Barcelona (Hangar, Barcelona, Spain)
18.05.13 Knitic, workshop, PianoFabrique, Constant (Brussels, Belgium)
27.12.12 Kombi II, workshop, Seoul Art Space Geumcheon (Seoul, Korea)
12-13.05.12 Digital knitting fabrication, workshop, STPLN (Malmö, Sweden)
11.04.2012 Robotics with Arduino, workshop, Design Academy Eindhoven (NL)
22-23.03.12 Robotics + Digital Fabrication, workshop (MU & Impakt, NL)
14.03.2012 “Introduction to Robotics with Arduino” (MOB, Barcelona, SPAIN)
Aug 2011 ISA International Summer University (Ohrid, Macedonia)
10.-11.12.10 “Creative Robotics” workshop at Servus Campus (Linz, Austria) WinterSemester10 “Interactive installations”, “Supervision of Creative Work” Interface Cultures, Art University of Linz
17.-20.05.10 “Meaning of Interaction in Media Art. Low-tech Interaction”, 4day-workshop at Estonian Art Academy SummerSemester10 “Circuit hacking, purpose changing”, “Supervision of Creative Work” Interface Cultures, Art University of Linz
Winter Semester09 “Public Intervention with Technology” Interface Cultures, Art University of Linz
06 – 09.11.09 “Gamepad bending” workshop with youth at IDEE in the frames of Crossmediatour (Dresden, Germany)
12.9.9 “Solarbots” workshop at MzTek (London, UK)
08 – 12.06.09 “Interactive Dolls” workshop at Eclectic Tech Carneval (Umea, Sweden)