Shopping in 1 Minute


Shopping in 1 Minute(2010) is an artgame that is playfully criticizing the increasing desire of society for consumption. Our inspiration for creating the artgame came from the craziness of people during the sales period: long lines in front of supermarkets, stone-age-style behavior, lots of useless products, etc.

Thus, we are inviting audience to train for the next sales period. A player has to scan as many products as possible during a minute. As a reward each player will receive a ticket with bonus points according to his score.

The project was developed in collaboration with Mar Canet Sola.

Exhibited at
– DIY exhibition in  DASA Dortmund Museum
DIY exhibition in Frankfrut and Berlin Communication Museums
Kiblix 2010(Kibla Gallery, Maribor, Slovenia).
Ars Electronica2010 Campus exhibition.