Traveling Fish


What if a fish could surf the Internet? What if a fish could travel through a city?

Taking into account the digital age paradigm that allows us to travel the world without leaving our living room or an office, we aim to allow a fish to do the same: to travel through various cities without leaving its aquarium. Hence, the audience are confronted with the familiar Google street view but from the perspective of fish and its navigation will. It means the center of artwork’s interaction is a fish and not a spectator. Instead the audience are invited to follow the immersive journey of a fish.

Moreover, since a fish lives in water, all the street views will be under the water. Hence, the audience will be able to discover familiar or discover new places but under the water and from the perspective and a will of a fish.

The idea is to make use of fishes’ traveling nature and twist it in the sense of digital age. Continuing with the point of information era, we are relating to the ideas of Marc Auge, who argues about excess of space, time, and ego nowadays. The artwork aims to demonstrate that even a fish is able to travel and be present in number of places. Thus, it will excess its ego, space and time similarly to people.

In addition to that, it is curious to relate to the famous quote and cartoon by Peter Steiner: on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog. Only in our case everyone will know that it is a fish, who is on internet and on Google street view.

– as soloshow at Design and Architecture Gallery (Hispano Fest, Tallinn, Estonia, 13th-22nd March 2014). Supported by Spanish Embassy in Tallinn and CAF.